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regibox User Guide

Our aim has always been that usage of regibox would be as intuitive as possible. These brief notes are here to help you through the process and to ensure that you understand all the features.

What is regibox?

You are using a secure online storage and file sharing service that allows you to exchange, store and collaborate around a particular project. The project files are stored securely under the management of your regify provider and regibox allows you to see the document locally and make changes to it.

In general, regibox synchronizes the content of the regiboxes to your local file-system. You will find the folders with the boxes content in the “regibox” sub-folder of your general documents folder. This is the place where you create new files, open, edit and delete them. All of your local changes will become synchronized to your regibox and therefore transferred to all the other members of this regibox.

regibox is not a Backup Utility. Please do not use it for this purpose.

The regibox Manager

In order to handle the regiboxes itself and for administrative tasks, the regibox Manager is used. You will find him in the tool tray near your clock (if minimized). To open regibox manager, click the tray symbol and click on open regibox Manager.

regibox main

The interface is the same for all users. Depending on your roles and invitations, you will not see all options or some may be disabled. For example, regibox members without the right to invite others to the current regibox, the Invite user button is disabled.

How synchronizing works

If you add, change or delete a file in the regibox folder, regibox Manager will identify the changes in a few seconds. If no other changes happen during the next 30 seconds, it will synchronize your changes to the server and the other members.

Handling of regiboxes

All your regiboxes are listed in a tree list on the left. If you click the Invite user or Edit regibox buttons, they will affect the currently selected regibox.

If a regibox is owned by you, the symbol is a blue one regibox. If the regibox owner is someone else, the symbol is a grey one regibox gray.

To open the corresponding folder in your file-system explorer, simply double-click the folder in regibox manager to bring up a new file-system explorer starting at this location.

regibox manage

Right mouse click functions

You can right click the regibox, any of its sub-folders or files to open an extended menu. It offers you options for the currently selected file, folder or regibox.

Edit regibox

The option RIGHT CLICK  Edit regibox is opening the Edit regibox dialog.


The option RIGHT CLICK  Share is opening the Sharing dialog.

Local copy on/off

The RIGHT CLICK  Local Copy on/off functions are quite handy to save space. If you dont need or want a particular file or folder on your local drive (maybe because of it’s size), you can simply turn the Local Copy off to prevent regibox from synchronizing this file to your local file-system.

This can also become a default for a regibox if you remove the tick from the check-box “Turn on local file copies by default” during invitation acceptance or in the Edit regibox properties dialog.

Delete past versions

This is meant to delete all previous versions of files. This can be done for multiple files and folder (meaning all subfolders and files). Please note that this may take a time and during this, the files/folders may disappear from the display for a few seconds until the cleanup process is finished. This option can free a lot of regibox storage space if you change huge files frequently.


The option RIGHT CLICK  Recovery is opening the Recovery dialog.

Create a new regibox

To set up a new regibox click on New regibox. You will be asked some regibox Name and to enter some Description, for example to define the contents or purpose of this regibox. Once you have clicked OK, the new regibox will appear in the tree after a few seconds.

Invite people to a regibox

You can invite people in to the currently selected regibox by clicking Invite user. To use this function you need to be the owner of this regibox of have administrator permissions. There you can name him, give read, read/write or administrative permissions and define the used invitation message.

An invitation to a regibox is sent by email, originated by your regify provider. This email contains an attached file with the file extension .rgbx. The recipient simply has to double click this attached file and the running regibox Manager will take care of it (asking to accept the invitation).

In order to accept an invitation, the recipient needs a regify account and regibox Manager must be installed and configured.

To send an invitation, first enter the E-mail address and Name of the person to invite. Please make sure the E-Mail field contains a valid email address like

You define, what permissions the new member of this regibox will have:


The user is only able to get the files from this regibox. He is not able to push or update files in this regibox. If he does (eg, by editing a file), he will get warnings that the content is not synchronized and may become overwritten if someone else is updating the content.


The user can get the files, edit and also delete them. He is also able to create new folders and files inside of this regibox. The files he deletes are still in the Recovery. He is not able to delete them permanently.


The user can do all like for read/write. But in addition, he is able to invite new members to this regibox and also he is able to restore or permanently delete files using the Recovery function.

The Notes can be used for additional description of the user or maybe his role. This is visible to all users of this regibox.

The Personal invitation message is used inside of the email the invitee receives. It allows you to give him an idea why you invite him. The [NAME] tag is automatically replaced by the value you entered to the Name field.

There is an additional role, the owner. This role is automatically assigned to you if you create your own regibox. This role can not get assigned to someone else.
The owner role allows you everything that an administrator role can do, plus the option to also permanently delete your regibox.

Edit regibox properties

With the button Edit regibox, the properties of the selected regibox are opened. You can alternatively right click the regibox and select Edit regibox.

regibox members

Here you manage the members of your regibox. The list is showing you all invited members and their email address. If Accepted says No, the user has not yet accepted your invitation. You can edit some of the members valkues if you are the owner or and administrator of this regibox. Please note that you have to click Save to save the changes here.
Users with administrative rights are allowed to Remove Member, Invite user and Invite again other people to become members of this box, too (about invitations).

regibox properties

Here you can change the Local regibox Name of the regibox (also changing the folder name in your regibox root folder). The local description is just for your notes and not shared with other regibox members.
If you Turn on local file copies by default, all files that are added to this regibox will become downloaded to your local drive directly (default). If you turn this off, they will not get downloaded to your local system until you chose them and select Local copy on for them using the right click menu (see here for more information about local copy on/off).
Finally, you can Drop membership if this is a regibox you were invited to.
If you are the owner of this regibox, you can click Delete regibox to delete the regibox permanently.

Shared files

This list is showing you all active shares that you created from this regibox. Each line offers three options in the Options column: Copy to clipboard, Open in webbrowser and Delete share.

Manage regiboxes

The button Manage regiboxes opens the dialog for managing which regiboxes you are currently managing on this system (This PC, Server).

Here, you get a list of all regiboxes you either own or were invited to. If the list is longer than 50, the list may get truncated. In this case, please use the search function field on top to find your regiboxes. In order to force loading the full list, search for the @ character, which is contained in all regiboxes. Please note that this may take a long time!

If you want to synchronize a regibox to this system, just tick it on the left. If you no longer want to synchronize a regibox, remove the tick.

Click OK to apply your changes. If you did changes, you are asked additional questions for the things you changed.

Removing the tick here does not delete the regibox or it’s content. It is simply no longer synchronized to this system.
If you right click an entry in the list, you are offered to either Drop membership (if you were invited) or Delete regibox (if you are the owner). This is a shortcut to get rid of a regibox without the need to synchronize it before. You can also find this functionality in Edit regibox dialog, but to get there the regibox has to be synchronized to the local system first.


Sharing means that files and/or folders can get shared with 3rd parties. The 3rd party can access such files from your regibox without the need for a regify account and only by knowing the direct link. This is designed to allow 3rd parties to temporary read a document if they are not regibox users.

To share files, you need the adequate permission. This is enabled or disabled for users in the Edit regibox dialog by the regibox owner or a member with administrator role

Every share is having a life time. If it is exceeded, it is automatically deleted and the files are no longer accessible for the 3rd party.

To share files and/or folders, select them in either the tree view on the left or the file view on the right. You can select multiple files and folders using the left mouse button together with Ctrl or Shift keys. Now click on the Share button or right click and select Share to open the sharing dialog.

The sharing dialog asks you a Share name you to name that share (it gives you a suggestion based on your selection). The you can chose the Life time in either Days or Hours. If you did your selection, click the Share now button to start the upload.

Upon upload is finished, the Share link is shown on the bottom. This link is the access key for your share. Here you can either copy it to the clipboard or directly open it in the webbrowser for testing. You have to provide it to the people you want to access the shared files and folders, for example by email or teams/zoom chat window.

Now send the link to the 3rd parties you like to access these files. You can close the dialog now.

You can see all active shares in the Edit regibox dialog.
Please note that your regify provider normally knows neither the name of files and folders nor their content (encrypted). However, in order to share them, they are uploaded unencrypted! So please consider the possibility that your regify provider can see and read the files you share. If you think this is a problem, please do not use the sharing function.

Activity history

This dialog allows you to search and filter events of all currently synchronized regiboxes. Use the corresponding fields to filter your search.


If you change a file in the regibox folder, regibox Manager will identify the changes in a few seconds. If no other changes happen during the next 30 seconds, it will synchronize your changes to the server and the other members. In order to prevent data loss, it will not simply replace the file. Instead, it will create a new version of that file. You can find the versions of a file by selecting it in the file list of the regibox Manager and then the versions are displayed in the area below.

Every file version offers a short menu by doing a right click. There you can do the following:

Open temporary copy

Downloads a copy of that file in the selected version to some temporary folder. It then opens it with the assigned program (eg MS Word for .docx files).

Save copy as

Downloads a copy of that file in the selected version and asks you where to store it. Do not store a file in its original location as it may become a new version then or you may overwrite recent changes!

Local copy off

Removes any local copy of that version from your local system. This is mainly useful for big files to save space on your local system. It has no effect if the version you clicked is not downloaded to the local cache.


To open the recover dialog, right click somewhere on the chosen regibox and select Recovery. You get a list of all files available for recovery, together with it’s size and creation date.

Select and de-select multiple files using the left mouse button together with Ctrl or Shift keys. Then you can either Permanently Delete, Restore Lastest Version, Open Temporary Copy or Save Copy As the selected files.

You can permanently delete files only if you are an administrator or the owner of this regibox (see Invite people to a regibox for further information on roles).


Additional FAQ can be found on the regify homepage:

How do I access older file versions?

Select the file inside of the regibox Manager. On the lower right panel you can see the version history. Right click the desired version and select Open temporary copy to take a look.

The file is opened from a temporary folder, not from the original document location!

How do I solve version conflicts?

Best is to right click the affected versions in the lower right pane of your regibox Manager. You can choose to "Open temporary copy" of both affected files to open up both conflicting versions. More on versions here.

The file(s) are opened from a temporary folder, not from the original document location!

Now do some merge or decide about the best version to keep. Save this new version using the normal Save as…​ function of your editing program (eg Word, Excel etc) and save it with the same name and on the same location where you have saved the previous versions. This will make this the new current version and the conflict is solved.

What are the symbols on the left of the files in regibox Manager?

The file/version is detected, but not yet synchronized. It may take up to 30 seconds before synchronization starts.

The file/version is currently getting downloaded.

The file/version is currently getting uploaded.

The file/version is synchronized and up/downloaded. Ready to use.


You turned off “Local Copy”. Therefore there is no local representation of the file.